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Understanding and Using Motivation Theory to Your Advantage

Nov 29

By YogaFlares

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There are various ways in which good motivation theory is taken into consideration in the practice of NLP, also known as neuro-linguistic programming. One of the most helpful neuro-linguistic programming ideas is the concept or idea of "towards" and "away from" personalities. This is one of the more beneficial neuro-linguistic programming principles. A decent and favorable motivation theory must consider the fact that each and every one of us is motivated in a variety of various ways, regardless of our age or gender.

Certainly, we all have two modes of operation as a part of our overall way or manner of functioning, but in many cases, one mode is more prevalent than the other in each of us. It is likely that those who are predominantly motivated by "away from" feelings will be more affected by thinking more about avoiding problems or discomfort.

In contrast, those who have a basic "towards" motivating style would be more influenced by the prospect of future awards or rewards in the near future. You could actually put this idea into practice or play with it, and you could even try to use your newfound understanding to influence other people. What better way to find out which motivational type is dominant in your personality than to take this test? While this is useful and advantageous for understanding and influencing other people, it is a motivation theory that is most effective when it comes to effecting your own self-improvement and personal development.


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Okay, have a look at the following explanations of what it means to be a multi-millionaire and see whether they resonate with you. 1. You have complete freedom to spend your money however you want on yourself and your friends, as well as to do whatever you desire. You have purchased and are the legal owner of the beach house or mansion of your dreams, as well as your favorite brand new car.

You now have the resources and ability to pursue and achieve any of your desired objectives and ambitions. 2. Because you are currently secure and safe, you already have everything you need or require in order to feel comfortable and free. You have the ability to quickly and easily eliminate or resolve the majority of your problems and troubles.

As a result, you are not need to return to your previous employment or perform any other tasks that you do not choose to or are not required to perform. The "towards" personality is characterized by the first description or scenario being significantly more enticing or compelling to you. If, on the other hand, you are more motivated by the latter description, it is possible that you have a personality that is more "away from."

There are both negative and positive aspects to those two types of people. For example, they may avoid issues, manage and handle situations successfully, but they may fall short of their objectives. People who are perceived to be "against the grain" can be great entrepreneurs, but they might also find themselves in trouble simply because they do not plan ahead of time enough to avoid complications.

But how can you put this newfound understanding about yourself and motivation theory to work for you in the most effective way possible? You may actually have a greater impact on others if you try. For example, if you want to sell a new car, you must first evaluate whether or not the potential buyers are inclined towards or away from the vehicle.

For the former, you can describe what it can bring them, as well as how amazing or fabulous they will appear while they are wearing it. For the latter, you may mention how the new car would make their lives easier and that they will no longer have to deal with the inconveniences of buying an old car.

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