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Find your personal work values

Apr 10


Your core values will make you feel more confident when it comes to your job in the job search

While job search for restaurant positions is fun, however, it can exhaust many. No matter what your feelings are about the job hunt, you want to be sure that you've made the correct decision when you accepted an offer. It is essential to look at your personal values and figure out what motivates you to do the best work. You can identify what is essential for you in a job and then ask the appropriate questions in an interview to find an ideal restaurant environment.

There are a variety of work ethics you can learn over time. These are just a few suggestions to get you started.


  • Independence

Independence is essential for people who value creativity and prefer inclusive management styles. In fact, independence is often found in management roles or establishments which welcome employee ideas, thoughts and input. These are values that include the ability to think independently, creativity, diversity, and autonomy.


  • Support

Support is crucial for those looking for management who stands by their employees, or a group which encourages cooperation. Support for technical issues can also be provided, such as employee resources and management supervision. These values are also related: to supervision, training, and relationships.


  • Compensation

Restaurant work isn't easy. It is essential to get paid properly. Different people may have different views on what constitutes compensation. Tips could be more important than benefits, based on how much they're worth. Some people may depend on tips, but prefer to receive tips in a pooled fashion instead of individual tips. You might be looking for additional benefits, such as tips or hourly earnings. It can help you determine the most suitable jobs to consider and places you can work to progress. These are the values that relate to the recognition of employees, working conditions, benefits, and other considerations.


  • Life/Work Balance

Many choose to remain in the restaurant industry due to its ability to work/life balance. This is not a common position in the restaurant industry that permits such luxurious lifestyles. This could pose a problem. If you're unsure, ask about scheduling and speak to people who previously held the same position. Similar qualities include support and flexibility in terms of working conditions.


  • Relationships

Individuals should be working with those who can be a good fit for them. Relations can go beyond working worth. It could be anything. It could mean taking lessons from others, forming the right team to grow with, or simply how much you cherish the customers you work with. Similar values include cooperation, support and helping others.


You have taken the time to understand your work values, and now you need to organize your thoughts. Begin by cutting a piece of paper into pieces of 20 or the number you want. Then, write down all your work values on each piece. Then, you can divide the pile into non-negotiable and negotiable sections. When you've got all of them sorted, you can see your top five values at work and any other values you're willing to compromise but nevertheless want.


It is a great idea to know your personal values and working habits when you're looking for work. It can help you determine your core values and prepare you for questions at interview. You don't have to love job hunting. It is important to get a job that you're happy in. Knowing your motives is a great way to avoid burnout and find the ideal job.

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